Diego Comes Back for Rave's Hard Dick

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Diego is a sweet, smiley Latino guy who lives a quiet straight life but has an urge to get his ass rammed and crammed full of cock from time to time. He got that urge filled by Rave Hardick a year or so ago, and now he's hungry for a repeat performance. Dickham is there behind the camera to provide encouragement and his expert instruction.

Rave knows how hot , ready and turned on Diego is, and wants to take his time. If Diego only gets an occasional cock, let's make it the time of his life. Tenderly unbuttoning the "straight" boy's shirt and untying his boots, Rave peels down Diego's pants and nuzzles his thighs. He works his way in toward Diego's thickening hardon with soft little kisses. The musky scent of Diego's thick black pubes is intoxicating, and Rave can't help helping himself to a mouthful of hungry ass. Diego takes to all fours and presents his hole for a deep long rimming.

So turned on that he forgot to take his pants off, Rave now unzips and out pops his raging XXL cock. He kneels astride Diego's chest. Though Diego is not one for sucking dick, he's past the point of boundaries now and worships his buddy's master piece. The glass dildo that Rave brandishes to open up his hole would normally be a large one, but next to his own slab of Latin meat it looks like a starter. Diego moans and feels a bone-rattling thrill as Rave deftly strokes the dildo into him. He's ready for the real thing.

The red-hot lover boys have decided there are no barriers for them this time, and Rave's raw meat slides in to Diego's shivering hole like the two are made for each other. At first Rave keeps that big monster all inside, just pulsing with his ass to prod the deepest recesses. Diego wants to grind his ass on it and they turn over to let him ride cock. His starving ass milks away at Rave's prick like the finest cocksucker in the world.

They go at each other like hot fuck-crazed animals, and Rave can't keep holding back forever. He has to pull out and beat off a thick load across Diego's taut abs before his dick plunges back in for more. Ass finally satisfied and well-fucked, Diego tosses his head back and, with Rave sucking his swollen nuts, he spurts a big juicy spray all over his belly and pubes.



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Really amazing. Great lighting and spectacular action. Even though you make no pretense that it's anything but a porn shoot, the connection between Rave and Diego is undeniable. Watching it is like being there.