RetroMales - Classic and Vintage Gay Porn From Bijou RetroMales - Classic and Vintage Gay Porn From Bijou en-us 22 Jan 2024 - Dakota's Peekaboo Nuts Dakota Wonders is long and lean, with a big furry, juicy pair of huevos that are peeking out of the hem of his loose gym shorts. He's not exactly "going commando", but the enticing effect is the same as we watch his nuts bob around as he reaches down his shorts to pull out his jerking tool. Soon everything's out in the open and we're treated to a hot show of big dick, stroking hands and low-hangers on full display. contentgroup_3013 08 Jan 2024 - Hacienda's Hairy Sack Anthony Hacienda is a fur-lover's dream cum true, a scruffy, swarthy Mediterranean stud with a nice crop framing his chest and every inch below the waist covered in dark downy hair. When the camera lovingly pans down to his crotch, you can almost taste the musk clinging to the furry crack, hairy legs, and big heavy nutsack with its crop of thick, silky black down. Hacienda nibbles his lip as he slowly pays worship to his manly huevos and big stiff cock. And he's not the only one turned on by his furry majesty, as the director leans in to get a piece of the fuzzy action. Two hairy dicks and tight nutsacks are better than one as they beat their long tools together. Anthony spurts his sperm onto the director's dickhead and licks it off lovingly. The director pays back that juicy care with a tasty load that drips down Hacienda's lips into the dark stubble of his scruffy beard. contentgroup_3008 15 Dec 2023 - Jingle Balls Rock! Here's a holiday ho-ho-ho from an avid artist of scrotal hijinks. Loaded Cow is not a pro, just a fellow enthusiast of ball play and nut fun. Here, with his cock safely sheathed away in a cage, he dangles his sack, slaps it around just a bit to get it excited, ties it up and buzzes it with a big vibrator, all to get in the mood for the merry season! contentgroup_3003 31 Oct 2023 - Ander Swings His Sack Bleached blond Asian twink Ander is not the first guy you'd expect to find with a big, tightly packed scrotum hanging high and tight between his smooth pale legs. But good big things cum in small packages sometimes, and Ander wags his nutsack as he pulls his pud and lets the hot juicy manjuice stream off the tip of his uncut tool and down his big pebbly-skinned huevos. Enjoy! contentgroup_2990 29 Sep 2023 - Cody Sprays Plugs Brandon Arch Cody and Brandon are a bit standoffish and distant at first, but things heat up once the clothes come off. Shaggy young gun Cody must be packing by the happy look on Brandon's face when he gets a handful. Sure enough, that thick cock is good enough to eat, and Brandon is quick to go in for a helping. For his part, Cody is not grabbing Brandon's dick but more interested in giving his nuts a rub, and stroking his fingers along his buddy's hungry asshole.<br /><br />Cody buzzes Brandon's ass with the purple vibrator, and Brandon's hips begin rocking with excitement. He's aching to get fucked, and hard! He sucks Cody one more time, then watches as a condom gets rolled on and ready for takeoff. Brandon opens wide as his ass gets pumped full of young hard cock. He gets down on all fours and lines his hole up for a perfect straight thrust. He backs onto Cody's hard-pumping piece, and moans as his crack gets sprayed with Sprays' special formula sperm. Then a little more tingle from the vibrator sends him over the edge to splatter the velvet bedspread with his own hot smoothie. contentgroup_129 27 Sep 2023 - #TBT A Mechanic &amp; His Tools Strokin' one out, Lucas Daniels is up fast and bouncing rhythmically for Grabbing his "clackers," he reaches for a couple of tools to help him blow. First glass then silicone, Lucas likes to "tickle" his prostate. Getting close, his "in-spiration" has him unloading onto his groin. contentgroup_117 01 Jan 2021 - #TBT All In The Name! Seems Tony Thickdick doesn't want to show his face; what we really want to see is that cock; does it live up to his name? Shit, that's impressive; nice and shorn with no weeds to get in the way. While Tony strokes his cock, the twins bounce along for the ride. Straddling a pillow, Tony uses some porn to ease out his load for contentgroup_128 26 Dec 2020 - Reamed and Creamed in the Shower Handsome muscleboy stud Tyler Slater strips down in his home office before a hot relaxing shower. He steps into the sand-colored enclosure and dials up the warm jets, runs appreciative hands over his tight thick muscles and round firm booty. His buddy Angel Salvador calls after him "Hey babe, you in the shower?" and steps in to join. With his cock already jutting straight out, Angel drops to his knees to worship Tyler's long hard dick and the heavy, nut-filled sack dangling below. Tyler guides his head down onto the stiff pole. When they're both standing we watch a thick string of gleaming precum dangle off the tip of Angel's beautiful hooded cock. He leans against the shower wall with his ass toward Tyler.<br /><br />Tyler braces a hand against Angel's as he slaps his stiffy around into the wet buttcrack. he drops down to savor the taste of ass, buries his face into Angel's hungry hole. Angel moans higher and higher, he needs that hole stuffed full of Tyler's fuck-ready tool. Grabbing his buddy under the pecs, Tyler plows in raw and nibbles at Angel's neck and earlobes. From outside the glass, we see Angel's juicy cock pressed against the steamy walls. They kiss and Tyler keeps a hot finger pressed into Angel's butthole. He needs to get off in that hole, holds Angel by the hips to drill in deep. Once he squirts his cum onto Angel's cheeks, he bends down to lick up every drop. Angel beats his cock, nuts swinging just below. With Tyler licking his fresh-fucked ass, he splatters the glass with thick Latin cum. Tyler licks the sperm out of his buddy's foreskin. contentgroup_127 08 Dec 2020 - #TBT Self Service Zack Randall is very much a "self server" and when it comes to enjoying his body, this hottie can go from nip to taint with his own mouth! Damn, looks, talent, ass and balls that are as impressive as his cock. Backin' those beauties up to the camera, we zoom in for a wonderful tight and hairy shot. Having fun with his big "noise maker," he is certainly entertaining; if you haven't blown by now, you have more endurance than I. Thumping that meat, Zack presents some precum then bends over to deliver a mouthful. "Scenting" the moment, he does a "slash down" onto his hot body and groin; there was a moan, his or mine I'm not sure. He is a very tasty treat for contentgroup_126 01 Dec 2020 - Tyler Gets Busy with Jizzy Studly muscle boy Tyler Slater is anxious to get together with Jizzy, and once the photo shoot is done, there'll be an opportunity. We see the hot pair on all fours in Santa gear, then a gallery of stills from their shoot. Tyler is statuesque and majestic as Anubis, an Egyptian god, with his big round booty worshipped by gay-curious Jizzy. Gogo boy and fitness buff Tyler talks about his background doing strip shows and how that made an easy transition into porn. The interview comes to an end when he jumps into the pool and helicopters his cock in the cool water.<br /><br />We cut to the fantasy fuck Jizzy and Tyler have been salivating over. Anubis overpowers his minion Jizzy and rams into his willing ass. Back at the pool Tyler's naked with his heavy nutsack swinging in the warm breeze. He lies on a bed in Santa suit, strokes his hard tool with one hand cupped around his family jewels. He shows us the perfect hole peeking out from between his thick round buttcheeks, then drizzles some lube onto his woody for the big climax. Speeding up his strokes, Tyler watches his dick swell and nuts pull up tight. His pelvis pumping, he pants for breath. His head flies back and "Oh FUCK..." he's drenching his fist and pubes with a big load of sticky jizz. He licks his fingers and wishes us all a Merry Christmas. contentgroup_125 20 Nov 2020 - #TBT Tropical Thunder Hot and horny, Charles King brings out the bulge, in all of us. Packin' a nice set of coconuts, he floats them in the water before playing. Unleashing them, I don't see how everything folded into those Speedos. Stroking and twirling his junk, Charles doesn't need any water wings, he brought out his own man-sized floaters. Turing around we get a full tea-bagging view, refreshing. With a helping hand, the muscular hottie gets closer before wetting down the patio with an, "oh fuck" for contentgroup_124 06 Nov 2020 - #TBT His Rubbery Friend At his place, and not by his call, Marcus Rivers pulls out his dick; seems it's the only friend he's got. Tuggin from the boredom, he really likes to stretch the "meat clackers." Flopping in the breeze, the boy has got a nice dick as well. Lamenting his alone time, Marcus continues his handy work while relying on more seasoned "cum-padre." Accommodating a hole lot of rubber, he jerks while fucking himself. Busting globs of cream, Marcus' Police-induced time was well spent. contentgroup_123 09 Oct 2020 - Deprived! After being "stuck in the house" for a month, Marcus Rivers asks Rimshot over for a game, and some fun. Straight up offering his friend a blowjob, Marcus is a bit surprised when Rimshot agrees; Marcus' "dry spell" may be over.<br /><br />While naked and on his knees, Marcus swings 'em right in front of the camera as he continues to inhale his friend. He also sucks on Rimshot's "boys" when the pair jerk off. Blowing his load, Marcus continues to drip in anticipation of Rimshot's release; unfortunately, once again, Marcus is deprived on <br /> contentgroup_122 25 Sep 2020 - #TBT Bustin&#039; His Nut! Atlas Evans has got a nice package, a loaded set of balls and a cock that is definitely on the thick side. Already chubby, Atlas continues to work on himself until he blows to his chest. Soaping up and rinsing off, this guy's junk is worth the time at contentgroup_121 16 Sep 2020 - #TBT Corey Gunz Hangs with his Danglers Corey is a red hot redneck hipster with a tight, muscled body, a thick, sensitive cock and a perfect pair of low-hanging nuts. He peels off his stocking cap, tight black t and hiphugging jeans to reach down his snug undies and grab a handful of goodies. <br /><br />Scrotum just loose enough to beg for some playful tug and tease action, Corey turns his back to the camera to open his butt crack and show off his tight hot hole and give each ball a nice squeeze. So hot the way his nuts sway and jiggle with each stroke, as his cock shows how much that testicle play turns him on. He makes sure each back and forth rub of his hand on his swollen dick includes a loving caress of his hot hard jewels.<br /><br />Serious jacking action gets intense and picks up speed, as he brushes his scrotum and juice-packed sperm tanks. The hot sensations boil up from his balls through the thick pink head of his dick and he can't hold back. His eyes take on a dreamy faraway look as the cum rockets out of his cock and splashes his lightly hairy treasure trail. Corey smiles and comes back to earth a happy, nuts-drained stud. contentgroup_120 04 Sep 2020 - #TBT Groovy Dave Fucks a Plastic Pussy Groovy Dave is a casual, good-natured kid who dreams of built Puerto Rican girls and beaches in Mexico but has to settle for a hot sunny deck and jacuzzi in the desert. He worries more about his big balls than the size of his cock. But we see he has no problems in either department.<br /><br />His pretend calasthenics in slo-mo show off his heavy uncut dick and loose, low-hangin balls to their best advantage before he steps inside to give his cock a swing. His sexy ass crack is lined with fuzzy curls and his dick is framed by natural pubes and lightly hairy thighs. Down on all fours and faced away, we get a great view of thick cock and dangling balls.<br /><br />He picks up a soft fleshy pussy toy, and soon the head of his slick cock is popping out the other end. as he fucks it on the bed. Pumping and prodding all the way through the fuck toy, he changes speed and angle like it was an actual babe he's plowing. He casually takes up the rhythm with his beating fist and squirts out a juicy spurt across his tight abs. He picks up his phone and watches something hot, then coaxes out a second splash all over his stomach. contentgroup_119 28 Jul 2020 - #TBT A Magic Wand &amp; Rub Cesar Cummings needs a good rub, and maybe a happy ending. It's time for this boy to just let it all out. Getting those "sweet cakes" a feel, this massage is headed in the right direction; the masseuse "taint" leaving nothing out. Milking the boy and his hairy bro-globes, it's time to get Cesar top side. Using some extra lube and a vibrating wand, the boy is seeing real magic and getting close. With a grin and a moan, Cesar shows us what he was storing on contentgroup_118 01 Jul 2020 - #TBT John Powers Kneads His Nuts It's warm, and scruffy fuckstud John Powers is swingin his balls just the way he prefers, low and loose. He tenderly cups his nutsack, wags his hairy ass so that his heavy nuts jiggle. He pumps his ass so that even his soft cock slaps forward and back and his cojones bob like family jewels in front of our faces.<br /><br />He lies back and caresses his gonads with loving care. Here's a guy who treasures his cock and balls, knowing all the best ways to treat them. His erection rises up slowly, from a stiffening in the taint to his balls pulling up a bit tighter. He gives his scrotum a friendly squeeze and starts to stroke in earnest.<br /><br />With all this careful foreplay, John doesn't need a lot of jerking to milk out a hearty hot load. He kneels on the bed while we watch the splatters hit the sheet in a race to see which fly furthest out. He gives his pierced dick a friendly shake and inspects his good work. contentgroup_116